Selling My Property Portfolio – The Ultimate Guide

Selling My Property Portfolio The Ultimate Guide

Selling My Property Portfolio – The Ultimate Guide


You may have heard about the benefits of selling your property portfolio as a whole in one transaction. But do you know what you should be looking for when you sell your property portfolio?


In this short guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about selling your property portfolio. We’ll also give you some tips on how to sell your property portfolio quickly and easily.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your portfolio, read on!




There are two ways to sell your property portfolio. On the open market and off-market.

To understand which method to choose, you need to think about who your buyer will be and how they will likely find and ultimately purchase your portfolio.

Your buyer is going to be expecting the following;


  • Exclusive access to information.
  • Time to carry out due diligence and make an informed decision.
  • A detailed account of the portfolio and its performance.
  • A trusted and experienced agent to communicate with.
  • The ability to ask questions and discuss the portfolio.
  • The knowledge that you are also a reliable and trustworthy seller.


So how does this affect how you should market your portfolio?

By advertising on the open market by using portals like Rightmove or Zoopla, you are NOT providing any of the above criteria. You are over-exposing your properties and in turn, reducing the appeal and ultimately, the value of your property portfolio. Think like your buyer – there is a lot of value in providing something personal.

An off-market broker, such as ourselves, will offer the bespoke and personal touch that is required to meet the criteria of a genuine and experienced residential property investment portfolio buyer that you need to be targeting to make a purchase at the right price.

When it comes to portfolio sales, the wider you cast your net, the more diluted in value it becomes. You can find out more about will buy your portfolio on this blog.




When it comes to providing information about your property portfolio, the proof is in the detail and it’s about providing quality over quantity.

When we audit your portfolio and package the information to provide to a potential buyer, we thoroughly examine every aspect and collate this in a clear and easy-to-digest format to avoid complications and confusion. The last thing you need is for a buyer to be put off by either a lack of information or over-complicating things with a barrage of unnecessary details.


The information provided gives an overview of the following;

  • Property addresses, values and asking prices.
  • Tenancy information including occupancy, rental income, arrears and compliance details.
  • Yields, discounts, market comparable figures and exit options.


The audit we carry out on your portfolio also allows us to identify any options you may have to maximise the sale price of your portfolio. This can be by removing poor-performing assets and selling by another means such as via auction, or if there are lower-yielding properties that would appeal to residential buyers we can look to sell on the open market to maximise your profit. 

We can also establish if there is scope to remortgage certain assets for you to continue to hold if these may be detrimental to your sale. We work alongside fantastic mortgage brokers who can assist with this.


Timescales and Expectations


When you are selling your portfolio it is important to consider your reason for selling and this in turn will have an effect on how much you may realistically expect to achieve for your sale.

Time costs money. If you are needing a very quick sale due to a need to release funds promptly, then you must be prepared to pay for this time. In this situation, you would be ideally looking for a cash buyer who can move quicker than those requiring lending but there needs to be an understanding that this comes at a cost.

Portfolio buyers who are in a position to make quick decisions and also have a strong conveyancing team to support them can often complete large portfolio purchases in a matter of weeks. Otherwise, collating all the information required for lending can be a lengthy process for larger portfolios and the full process can take months rather than weeks to complete. 

Throughout the conveyancing process, communication is key. At The Portfolio Brokers, we continue to have regular contact with both buyers and sellers to ensure both parties are up to date with how matters are progressing and can act quickly to resolve any issues that may arise throughout the sale. We are on hand before, during and after the sale to ensure a smooth handover of the portfolio.


So, What Have We Learned About Selling My Property Portfolio?


Offer Something Unique


An investor who is in the market for a residential property portfolio doesn’t want the same as everyone else and wants something special that is unique to them. Resist the temptation to over-expose your portfolio and plaster information across Rightmove, Zoopla, Facebook and Instagram. Using an off-market broker can provide a bespoke platform that will allow you to achieve the best price.


Fail To Prepare, Prepare To fail


Collating accurate and relevant information regarding your portfolio before approaching a buyer is vital. You want to be in a position to provide a clear understanding of the benefits of your property portfolio and show a buyer why they would want to own the properties. We can help audit your portfolio and decide the best way to present the opportunity.


Understand Your Situation


Take the time to really get to grips with your reason for selling your portfolio and understand how this can have an impact on your expectations. A portfolio sale isn’t just about the figure you sell for but the time, efficiency and hassle required to do so. We can help you decide on the best course of action to provide a solution to your unique situation.


How Do The Portfolio Brokers Work?


Selling your property portfolio can be daunting.


Finding the right buyer for your portfolio can be difficult. We understand.

We not only help you find the best buyer for your portfolio, but we also ensure the deal goes through with the minimum of fuss.

Our expertise, proven process and extensive network of buyers mean you can sell your portfolio for the best possible value and in the quickest possible time.

We can provide a full audit of your portfolio and help you decipher the most effective way to maximise the sale and minimise the hassle.

The first step in selling your portfolio is just a phone call away


For further information please visit our website where you can also book a call to speak to us about your portfolio and how we can help. you can also find out more about the selling process here.


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Written by:

Duncan Ure

With an extensive experience in Auction Property, Open Market Sales & Lettings, along with his own investment journey, Duncan has a wealth of experience to assist with your investment requirements.

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