3 Reasons Why Buying an Off Market Property Can Be a Smart Move

3 Reasons Why Buying an Off Market Property Can Be a Smart Move

Are you looking to buy a property but tired of competing with other buyers for the same properties? You may want to consider purchasing an off-market property. In this post, we will discuss what off-market properties are and why they may be a smart move for you.


Less Competition and a Better Chance of Finding the Right Property


When buying a property on the traditional market, you’ll likely face competition from other interested buyers. This can lead to bidding wars and ultimately missing out on a property you really wanted. However, when purchasing an off-market property, there is less competition as these properties are not publicly advertised. This gives you a better chance of finding the right property that meets your specific needs without having to engage in bidding wars or match escalating offers made by other buyers. Additionally, by buying off-market, you have more time to make informed decisions and complete due diligence without feeling rushed or pressured into making hasty decisions.


More Room for Negotiation with the Seller


When buying an off-market property, you have more room for negotiation with the seller. Since there are no other buyers competing for the same property, you have a greater chance of negotiating a better deal because the seller may be more motivated to close the deal quickly. This can help save you money and allow you to invest those savings back into your new property or use them in other ways. Keep in mind that when negotiating, it’s important to be respectful and professional so both parties can work together towards a mutually beneficial agreement.


Access to Hidden Gems


Buying off-market properties can give you exclusive access to hidden gems in the real estate market. Some sellers may not have listed their properties on any public platform, but are willing to sell if the right buyer comes along. This could include unique homes or commercial spaces that are not readily available to the general public. By tapping into these off-market opportunities, you can potentially find a property with less competition and at a lower price point than a comparable property that is publicly listed. It’s important to work with a reputable real estate agent who has connections and experience in finding off-market properties that align with your needs and preferences.


Working With Us To Buy Off Market Property


It’s hard to know where to start when you want to buy a property portfolio. You don’t want to ‘just’ find one, you want to find the RIGHT portfolio for you! We work directly with you to source the portfolio that fits your budget and gets you the best return on your investment. All with the minimum of drama.

Our proven process and extensive network of sellers means you can get the portfolio you want, that fits your budget.

Learn all about “How to Find Off-Market Deals” in this blog.

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With an extensive experience in Auction Property, Open Market Sales & Lettings, along with his own investment journey, Duncan has a wealth of experience to assist with your investment requirements.

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